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Why you need a lawyer...

In the years of my practice, I have encountered some people who are of the view that if they are presented with a legal issue that to them is seemingly simple, they can work it our on their own and more importantly, in doing so, they can save costs. That is unfortunately not often the case.

I have acted on various cases that could have been resolved much earlier than they were had the parties decided to obtain legal representation at the outset. It is our role as your lawyers to nut out the legal issues of a case with as much ease and the least possible cost to our clients. We are also here to alleviate stress and worry for you.

Specifically in deceased estate matters, parties sometimes have a vague idea of their obligations and duties. For example, an executor's role. Having a lawyer becomes paramount to ensure that the executor is acting lawfully and is protected from future law suits.

Give yourself the best possible chance at success and contact us today. The cost of a lawyer is priceless and will likely reduces costs and stress in the long run. We offer reasonable legal fees and set fees for piece of mind.

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